Book: The Jinn Within


“And the jinns did He create from a smokeless flame of fire.” [Holy Qur’an surah ar-Rahman 55:15]

One terrifying night, Hibbah ‘s husband sees something outside their flat; something not of this world.  Never in her most horrifying nightmare, could she imagine it would be a demon – a jinn; stalking her family; wanting to consume her bones and drink her blood.

This demon,  sent via black magic will stop at nothing until it destroys both her and Yusuf.  Time is running out and Yusuf’s condition is getting worse, can Hibbah stop the jinn in time or will it succeed in It’s sinister plan?

Based on a true story,  The Jinn Within is one family’s story of survival in a fight against those that seek to harm mankind: the shayteen.


Available soon.