Get to know me!

Jazakhallah khairan for wanting to get to know me better, let’s race through this, shall we?!

I’m Misbah, a vibrant, bubbly individual and I’m a single mum of 4. Alhamdulillah I have single-handedly raised my 4 kids alone and that’s no small feat! I am the founder of Single Muslim Mums – a support group that offers emotional guidance and support for single mothers. I am also active in raising awareness on social issues that are considered to be a taboo within the asian community. Topics like divorce, mental health and domestic violence are some that I have spoken about in the media.

Part of raising awareness for what single mums go through resulted in me writing a children’s book about divorce within a Muslim family and how it affected the parents. Learn more about Ramadan Without Daddy .

I have suffered with depression since I was quite young and it’s only been extremely recently that I have managed to a get a hold on it by the mercy of Allah via Allah. I was diagnosed with BPD (Borderline personality Disorder) in 2011. In particular emotional instability. It makes me sound like a psycho doesn’t it, subhanallah! In a nutshell it means I get extremely overwhelmed when I’m emotional. My emotions are always intense, I don’t feel things moderately – it’s all or nothing. i don’t have a normal baseline for my emotions. One of the symptoms is anger, intense anger.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve now reached the point in my life where I am grateful for my mental health issues. They have taught me to be compassionate, reliance upon Allah and due to my illness I ammased a wealth of knowledge on personal development and healing.

I have also suffered from bullying, domestic violence, emotional abuse, a mental breakdown, suicidal tendencies and faced many forms of injustice in my life. I have survived cancer, jinn possession (my ex, not me!) and beaten drug addiction and self harm too alhamdulillah. The proudest moments of my life have been when I’ve fought back. No one will ever fight for you the way you will so be your own hero.

The reason my beautiful sister, that I’m sharing this with you is to let you know that I’m not perfect and I have known pain in my life as have we all. Allah doesn’t demand perfection of us, He wants us to sincerely try for His sake. We will always fall short because we are falliable but it’s the turning back to Him that Allah loves.

I was blessed to be able to study aqeedah – belief in Allah, and it has helped me to heal in a way no drug, no medication and no amount of meditation ever has.

The path of healing may be an ongoing one with many a thorn, but you aren’t alone because you have Allah. Your struggles aren’t in vain and your sacrifices aren’t going unnoticed.

I am learning alongside you and it is my hope that you trust me to guide you and let me in.

ma’salama. xxx