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Feeling weak? Here’s how I know you’re more resilient than you think!

Have you ever had one of those days when pearls of wisdom just seem to rain upon your head? Well, this is one of those days for me,and here’s the message: you are more resilient than you give yourself credit for. 

To be human is to err and screw up, but being human also means to keep fighting until you stop breathing. It’s called survival and we all have it. Even if it’s buried deeply. Your natural instinct is to fight, it’s programmed within us, hardwired into our cells that fight to heal us.

We start off as children with an imagination as big as our hearts. Nothing stops us from getting what we want, we don’t understand the word no. The world is ours to explore, we have no sense of restriction. Of course this also means that we have no sense of danger either. 

So, we become restricted in what we can and can’t do. This isn’t bad, it’s needed for our own safety. However, instead of finding ways around obstacles we box ourselves and our imagination in and that space gets smaller and smaller. Then, when we feel suffocated enough we try to find impulsive and often reckless ways to break free. And this is why creativity is important.

Creativity is an expression of your imagination. It says so much about who you are and the colours of your world. Creativity can be expressed in your work, your hobbies, your mannerisms, your appearance, your speech and your ideals. It all stems from your imagination so let your mind be free. Creativity is also a brilliant example of resilience.

Creativity proves you have imagination. When you’ve really given up, you’re barely functioning let alone having bouts of creativity. Your imagination becomes stagnant, you start to shut down mentally. Creativity therefore can also be said to be an expression of resilience.

You’re more resilient than you know, and if you only take a moment to stop and listen, you’ll realise the world around you has been showing you that since you were born.

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