Allah loves me

Living in the moment

We’re always chasing, aren’t we? Chasing after materialism or self growth, chasing after happiness, love, perfection or anything else we think we should have. We don’t don’t let it come to us naturally, we chase.

In these moments when we are driven by the fear of missing out or not being good enough, we miss the real moments of our lives. We miss the small things we could take joy in: the clouds, smell of coffee, nature and our children’s laughter.

What would we happen if we just stood still and watched quietly? If we looked for joy in the present moment and not in the past or future?

And so I am making it a habit to try. I’m taking joy in the comfort of toasty feet in fluffy socks. I embrace the snuggle of my body in fleece. I savour the scent of a lavender and sage candle. I bask in the giggles of my children, I take comfort in the embrace of little arms. I feel each moment and treasure it right here and right now, and I am in the good place – all because I stopped to notice.

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