Allah loves me

How to manage loneliness.

I’ve struggled with loneliness a lot in my life – feeling like I had no one to share my pain with, no one to comfort me or even just be there with me throughout it all. It is truly a horrible way to feel, but it’s not true. You see, our minds go to some very dark places when we feel low and shaytaan would have us believe things that are false. Sometimes it’s our mentality that needs to change, our outlook can make all the difference to our mental health.

Being lonely is a state of mind it isn’t a fact like being alone and that’s the first thing to remember: we are never alone because Allah is there. How much comfort that brings you is up to you. You choose to either get closer to Allah or sit with this emotion. This is not one of those matters that are beyond our control.

Feeling lonely means there is a problem with our connection to Allah. Fix the connection and you fix the problem.

Right, so now we know loneliness is something that can be fixed, how do we go about fixing it? Well, start by asking yourself a question : how well do you know Allah? What are His Names and Attributes? Who are the ones Allah loves and why? Who does Allah say promotes negative thinking and how does He advise us to protect ourselves?

I’m going to use a word now – don’t run away, it’s aqeedah. Aqeedah is the study of creed or belief. Everything that I have mentioned above is covered by aqeedah. It’s NOT just for super religious people, it’s for everyone! Aqeedah brings you closer to Allah because you learn about Allah and the blessings He bestows upon you.

Honestly, the biggest determining factor that has helped me heal and grow as a person is getting closer to Allah and making Him my main priority. If you want to heal, this is where you should definitely start.

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